Difficult Transitions, Happy Returning

After the pandemic forced FCSN to pause in-person services for a prolonged period of time, FCSN client Kyung fell into a depression and lost motivation to attend to his daily activities. Kyung’s brother, Ben tells the story of how the family dealt with this difficult period, and how FCSN’s re-opening brought back the Kyung that they’ve always known. Continue reading Difficult Transitions, Happy Returning

From Special Needs Sibling to FCSN Volunteer

FCSN Youth Volunteer Katherine He shares her journey from being a sibling to her special needs brother, to volunteering as a teacher for the special needs community at FCSN. During these 3 years of volunteering at FCSN, she has come to learn more about her special needs students, her brother’s friendships with his volunteers, and her own passions. Continue reading From Special Needs Sibling to FCSN Volunteer