Weepy, Yet Happy Moment

When the pandemic began, Karina was confused and frustrated why she had to stay home. She thought she did something wrong and could not go to FCSN anymore because of that. But when she saw her friends and coaches through the computer screen, and noticed that everyone was at their own homes, she came to realize that she was not alone. Continue reading Weepy, Yet Happy Moment

Feeling the Beat

Bellarmine Percussion teachers Jacob, Charles, Anthony, Adam, and Shoaib have been bringing people together by teaching percussion since 2018. Since the pandemic, they have had to move their lessons online, but they continue to adapt and devote themselves to teaching students with their passion. Classes are currently open for registration. Continue reading Feeling the Beat

Cooking with Friends

Youth Volunteers Luna and Jessica started teaching FCSN’s cooking class since 2020. Students not only learn how to follow recipes, they also learn the cultural background and fun facts about the foods. This semester, they will learn how to make pancakes, sweet & sour chicken, chicken parmesan spaghetti, sushi, and much more. Continue reading Cooking with Friends

My Experience Teaching Dance at FCSN

Teaching a class of special needs students can be nerve-racking, and even more so doing it over Zoom. Andria Luo shares her experience co-teaching a virtual dance class, and tips on how to make a virtual class fun and engaging for everyone in class. Continue reading My Experience Teaching Dance at FCSN

Introducing FCSN Spring 2021 Virtual Classes

Classes in math, science, human anatomy, nutrition and health, cooking, social skills, public speaking, embroidery, arts and crafts, music, percussion, singing, dance, yoga, basketball, computer skills and programming are offered this semester. Spaces are limited on some of these programs so register soon to reserve your spot. Continue reading Introducing FCSN Spring 2021 Virtual Classes