Osgood Project

For the past 4-5 years, FCSN has been looking for opportunities to expand its facility in Fremont due to the long waiting lists, office overcrowding for our dedicated staff, and the lack of physical space for programs. Currently FCSN must rent spaces to run two of our existing programs. In 2020, FCSN board felt the urgency and formed a site search committee with the goal of acquiring a 10,000+ square feet (sf) commercial property. Previously, our goal was a smaller office of around 3000 sf. Therefore, it was a major decision to seek a much larger facility so we can consolidate our programs and have enough room for future expansion. Continue reading Osgood Project

2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is an award given by the President to reward volunteers for devoting hours to community service. Since 2014, FCSN has been participating in this program as a certifying organization to incentivize our volunteers to participate in more activities and serve their communities. In the past year of 2022, 31 FCSN youth volunteers earned the PVSA young adult and teen awards for bronze, silver, and gold categories. Continue reading 2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

2022 FCSN Scholarship Recipient: Joyce Lui

Meet Joyce Lui: a senior at Monta Vista High School located in Cupertino, California, who is incredibly passionate about the special needs community. Since 10th grade, she has been very involved in school and volunteering, finding various ways to support special needs children. From hanging out virtually over Zoom to pairing special needs individuals with a buddy at school, her journey of supporting special needs children started with FCSN. Continue reading 2022 FCSN Scholarship Recipient: Joyce Lui

2022 FCSN Scholarship Program Recipients

Since the inception of FCSN in 1996, the organization has strived to improve and foster community amongst children who have special needs. FCSN encourages acceptance, improvement, and aims to create a feeling of closeness amongst those who take their time to dedicate their skills. In light of this, a scholarship was awarded for the second year in a row, the first of this kind having been given in 2021. The competition was expanded this year, and individuals who were involved in FCSN that showed a commitment to helping, promoting, and expanding opportunities for people with special needs as well as had financial needs themselves were those who were favored in the application process.  Continue reading 2022 FCSN Scholarship Program Recipients

Friends Coffee & Tea: Empowering the Special Needs Community

Newsletter #1

First started in April 2018, Friends Coffee & Tea is no ordinary coffee shop. In addition to offering a wide and unique array of drinks and pastries, it is a community mainly operated by special needs individuals where they can make friends and learn. In collaboration with FCSN, the larger mission of Friends Coffee & Tea is to provide workplace training for special needs individuals, who face high unemployment rates. At this shop, they have opportunities to learn shop management skills, exercise their creativity through baking, crafts, and art, and gain experience in a work environment. Continue reading Friends Coffee & Tea: Empowering the Special Needs Community

FCSN’s Fremont Center Named “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center”

On April 12, 2022, FCSN unveiled a new name for their first Fremont Center: “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center” to honor Dr. Chenming and Margaret Hu for their on-going support and latest donation of half a million dollars to FCSN to help build better programs and improve its facilities. Continue reading FCSN’s Fremont Center Named “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center”

FCSN and BRI Spread the Importance of Giving Back to the Community

On December 22, 2021, FCSN held a Christmas concert in collaboration with BRI Youth Volunteer Group, a local non-for-profit organization based in Fremont. Aside from the concert, BRI has also been regularly leading a Reading Club for FCSN. Through collaborations such as the concert, reading club, and donations to FCSN, the two organizations are promoting special needs awareness within and beyond our community. Continue reading FCSN and BRI Spread the Importance of Giving Back to the Community

Dream Achiever’s 2022 Premiere

Earlier last month, Dream Achiever had its first in-person performance of the year: a celebration of Lunar New Year. The pandemic put their live performances on hold for over a year, and the band had only recently resumed their in-person concerts in June 2021. Band manager and parent Anna Wang shared the experiences of the band members as they navigated online performances and the inability to interact with their audience, as well as the joy of returning to in-person performances. Continue reading Dream Achiever’s 2022 Premiere

從醫師的觀點您需要知道關於歐米克隆(Omicron) 的知識

在具高度傳染性的歐米克隆環繞下,家長們擔心寒假後返校子女的健康和安全,以及疫苗是否能保護孩子免受病毒侵害的疑慮。華人特殊兒童之友外展與家庭支持團隊了解家長的擔憂,再次邀請王彥邦醫師 Dr. Albert Wang 於今年 1 月 14 日回到每週五的粵語和華語家長支持會與大家討論這個重要的議題,分享他對 COVID-19 的專業知識以及傳遞防疫新知。 Continue reading 從醫師的觀點您需要知道關於歐米克隆(Omicron) 的知識