FCSN’s Fremont Center Named “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center”

On April 12, 2022, FCSN unveiled a new name for their first Fremont Center: “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center” to honor Dr. Chenming and Margaret Hu for their on-going support and latest donation of half a million dollars to FCSN to help build better programs and improve its facilities. Continue reading FCSN’s Fremont Center Named “Chenming & Margaret Hu Center”

2021 Gala Press Conference

Oct. 22, at noon, FCSN gala team held a press conference for the media at the new Osgood site in Fremont. Co-chairmen Yee Yeen Wang and James Chiao set the agenda and Yee- Yeen presided over the meeting. The meeting was also attended by FCSN’s other gala committee members: Jason Hwan, Peter Chan, CK Lee, Anna Wang, Sylvia Yeh, Lilian Lin, Albert Wang, and Limin Hu. Before the meeting started, the reporters got a guided tour around the new facility. Continue reading 2021 Gala Press Conference

華人特殊兒童之友 獲State Farm資助2.5萬元

華人特殊兒童之友從超過2000份社區基金的申請中脫穎而出,成為入圍的200個公益組織之一。FCSN發動社區的力量投票,成為2020年度對社區有重大積極影響的40個公益性組織之一。State Farm公司代表瑪利亞王(Maria Wong)表示:「我的家庭作為FCSN的成員已經超過20年了,我的孩子也受到FCSN很大的幫助。很榮幸能為這樣一家致力於服務社區的組織提供幫助。」 Continue reading 華人特殊兒童之友 獲State Farm資助2.5萬元

FCSN Awarded Top 40 Non-Profit Organization in the US

“Welcome to Friends Coffee and Tea, how can I help you today?” FCSN trainee greets customers at the checkout counter of Friends Coffee and Tea. Since the pandemic began, Friends Coffee and Tea has been closed for over a year. Recently, it has been able to be reopened, resuming on-the-job training opportunities for special needs individuals. It is programs like this that allowed Friends of Children with Special Needs to be awarded Top 40 Non-Profit Organization by State Farm Neighborhood Assist. Continue reading FCSN Awarded Top 40 Non-Profit Organization in the US

華人特殊兒童之友重新開張 1年不見 學員難掩興奮

隨著疫苗施打率提升,許多行業、學校陸續恢復上班、上課。華人特殊兒童之友(FCSN)30也於本月19日正式重新開張,迎來許多學員到現場。特殊兒童之友的學員看到彼此都格外想念與開心,老師們非常開心全部學員平安歸來上課,好像大家合作打了一場硬仗,戰勝了疫情,終於能團聚。 Continue reading 華人特殊兒童之友重新開張 1年不見 學員難掩興奮