FCSN Gala 2020- Challenges and Opportunities

Written by Jason Hwan, Gala Event Co-Chair

FCSN is dedicated in its effort to support special needs individuals and families. However, we cannot succeed without collaboration with the community and help from our volunteers. Usually, FCSN hosts a special event, like the FCSN Gala, to highlight what we have achieved and recognize those who have contributed to our success.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be able to host the Gala event as before. However, through the FCSN Gala committee’s creativity and modern technology, we are able to turn the challenges into an opportunity. For the first time, the 2020 annual fund-raising Gala will be an online virtual event to highlight our pandemic response and our accomplishment.

The Gala’s main theme for this year is “Relay for Our Dream”, which is not just a slogan, but also highlights what we do differently this year. FCSN, in fact, started the fundraising campaign in August through a series of promotion activities, with the intent to connect to as many as people as possible. With the virtual event, we are no longer limited to geographical location. The goal is not just to achieve the $250,000 fund-raising target, but also to reach out to potential volunteers, donors, and supporters who can be the driving force in the future. 

During this difficult time, many businesses have cut back and reduced their services. However, FCSN continues to do our best to provide services and help our clients and families. We appreciate your precious support whether it is in the form of donations, volunteering, or collaboration. On the behalf of the Gala committee, I sincerely welcome you to join our “Relay for Our Dream” Gala event and become a part of FCSN’s big family!

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