Wendy Hoang, EBADP Teacher

As a mother of a 19-year-old special needs daughter, I wanted to understand and explore a school for my daughter’s future. I heard about FCSN and had the opportunity to become an instructor at FCSN. After teaching at FCSN for two years and three months, I am convinced that FCSN is the right choice for my daughter. FCSN has a wonderful environment, and everyone cares for each other like a family. The staff respects a client’s choices. There is a lot of flexibility within the program and customizations to the clients’ need.

Because of the Shelter-in-Place order in March 2020, FCSN began providing services and lessons remotely. Throughout the Zoom classes, I have been impressed with the adjustment FCSN has made to ensure clients get the help and support that they deeply need. I have fallen in love with FCSN, both the organization and the clients. FCSN clients are so sweet. They show their sincere love to the staff and their dedication during classes. We enjoy each class as if we are meeting each other in person. I always feel touched when we say “Bye” at 2 pm each day. It seems everyone wants the classes to keep on going after 2:00.

During my research for better material online, I have found that there are many good educational materials and fun YouTube videos available. We have learned many exercises from the best dancers, from Yoga masters, and videos about traveling around the world without spending money. We have learned to make many dishes from a number one chef, etc. I have also learned many great things for myself. 

Of course, there are struggles while teaching at home with a daughter with Special Needs. I want to say: “Thanks” to my husband for his great support, taking care of our daughter when I am teaching classes. While we have provided lots of training and support to the clients using Zoom for remote learning, some clients still can’t handle all the basic functions such as unmute or turn on/off Video. Support from parents is needed to help clients become more familiar with Zoom and more comfortable with remote learning. Together, we work to continuously improve learning for the clients. 

The quality of FCSN’s online classes improves each day, thanks to the leaders and staff of the FCSN Programs. Each week, we staff members train. We learn to use new technologies; we work on team building; we plan holiday celebrations; we focus on improving instructional and curriculum quality; and we add new classes. Teachers write an average of three, detailed reports a day for each client.

Someone I respect at FCSN once told me she is working at FCSN not because of money, but because of how much she is attached to everything there, particularly the people and the mission to create a loving community that supports people with special needs. I appreciate that as I am also sharing the same feeling. I would like to thank FCSN for providing such as great environment, and to thank all the staff for the dedication and teamwork. I am proud to be part of the staff that brings our hearts to FCSN. We are better together always.

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