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Employment Success Stories Series: Lawrence Wang

FCSN client Lawrence has worked at a State Farm Insurance company branch for 12 years, an office as a paper filer for 8 years, and at a TJ Maxx outlet as a retail and inventory worker for 8 years. In this interview, his mother Anna opens up about the process of finding Lawrence three engaging, steady jobs. Continue reading Employment Success Stories Series: Lawrence Wang

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Iris Hu’s Artistic Journey

During 2021 August Moon Festival’s “All Stars Rendezvous, Brighten Up Chinatown Recover” joint exhibition in San Francisco Chinatown, FCSN Client Iris Hu showcased two pieces of artwork along with 42 other Bay Area artists. Read how Iris’ parents helped her overcome her challenges and develop her talents as an artist. Continue reading Iris Hu’s Artistic Journey

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A Foreword to FCSN’s New Book

FCSN recently published a compilation of stories in their new book, “Friends of Children with Special Needs – Building a Dream Community.” Written by FCSN staff, parents, clients, and volunteers, the book chronicles the history of FCSN in the past 25 years. This is the foreword to the book, written by FCSN parent, Board Member, and Chair, Chenming Hu.
Continue reading A Foreword to FCSN’s New Book

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The Gao Family’s Journey to FCSN

Lucy and Hua Gao, parents to Bob, share their how it is like to raise a child with special needs while building their professional careers. After learning about FCSN, the family decided to retire and move to the Bay Area in order to provide Bob with the supportive environment that allows him to flourish. Continue reading The Gao Family’s Journey to FCSN

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Difficult Transitions, Happy Returning

After the pandemic forced FCSN to pause in-person services for a prolonged period of time, FCSN client Kyung fell into a depression and lost motivation to attend to his daily activities. Kyung’s brother, Ben tells the story of how the family dealt with this difficult period, and how FCSN’s re-opening brought back the Kyung that they’ve always known. Continue reading Difficult Transitions, Happy Returning

Overcoming the Impossible: Amy Hao

Born with cerebral palsy, a condition so severe it affect movement of her entire body, Amy had to overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today. She learned to read by watching TV, advocated for her own needs throughout her academic years, and today she is a graduate student at Cal State LA. Amy shares her insights on growing up with a physical disability, but a resilient spirit. Continue reading Overcoming the Impossible: Amy Hao