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What To Do With Extra Coins?

FCSN parent Jim Chiao had too many spare coins on his hands, yet sorting them himself was too time consuming and taking them to places where coins would be sorted for a fee was too troublesome. He came up with the solution to donate his coins to FCSN, which could also create some work opportunities for FCSN day program clients. Continue reading What To Do With Extra Coins?

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Iris Hu’s Artistic Journey

During 2021 August Moon Festival’s “All Stars Rendezvous, Brighten Up Chinatown Recover” joint exhibition in San Francisco Chinatown, FCSN Client Iris Hu showcased two pieces of artwork along with 42 other Bay Area artists. Read how Iris’ parents helped her overcome her challenges and develop her talents as an artist. Continue reading Iris Hu’s Artistic Journey

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A Foreword to FCSN’s New Book

FCSN recently published a compilation of stories in their new book, “Friends of Children with Special Needs – Building a Dream Community.” Written by FCSN staff, parents, clients, and volunteers, the book chronicles the history of FCSN in the past 25 years. This is the foreword to the book, written by FCSN parent, Board Member, and Chair, Chenming Hu.
Continue reading A Foreword to FCSN’s New Book

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FCSN’s Very First Scholarship Fund of 2021

This year, FCSN decided to award a scholarship fund of $5,000 each to three youth volunteers, who have given their all to FCSN and the entire special needs community. Ashika Kuchhangi, Charis Ling, and Rachel Huynh are prospective students with promising futures, who have certainly proven their dedication and commitment to FCSN. Read more about these amazing youth volunteers. Continue reading FCSN’s Very First Scholarship Fund of 2021

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2021 Gala Press Conference

Oct. 22, at noon, FCSN gala team held a press conference for the media at the new Osgood site in Fremont. Co-chairmen Yee Yeen Wang and James Chiao set the agenda and Yee- Yeen presided over the meeting. The meeting was also attended by FCSN’s other gala committee members: Jason Hwan, Peter Chan, CK Lee, Anna Wang, Sylvia Yeh, Lilian Lin, Albert Wang, and Limin Hu. Before the meeting started, the reporters got a guided tour around the new facility. Continue reading 2021 Gala Press Conference

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The Advocate: Janet’s Story

Read how Janet successfully advocated for her daughter throughout her school years: when the district suggested discontinuation of services, she used data to make her case; when the learning environment was not suitable for Jasmine, she advocated for her daughter to receive a meaningful education. She also details best practices when working with teachers, and attending IEP meetings. Continue reading The Advocate: Janet’s Story

華人特殊兒童之友重新開張 1年不見 學員難掩興奮

隨著疫苗施打率提升,許多行業、學校陸續恢復上班、上課。華人特殊兒童之友(FCSN)30也於本月19日正式重新開張,迎來許多學員到現場。特殊兒童之友的學員看到彼此都格外想念與開心,老師們非常開心全部學員平安歸來上課,好像大家合作打了一場硬仗,戰勝了疫情,終於能團聚。 Continue reading 華人特殊兒童之友重新開張 1年不見 學員難掩興奮