FCSN GYVer 2021- Serena Meng

In FCSN Voices’ 2021 GYVers campaign, we are proud to honor the graduating high school seniors who have contributed so much to the success of FCSN’s programs.

Homestead High School graduate Serena Meng volunteered with FCSN during her high school years. Here is an account of her experience volunteering at FCSN.

“Through my time at FCSN, I have been fortunate enough to not only help with the WEP program, but also become a youth art teacher. A few years ago, I walked up to the FCSN Bascom Center about to teach my first art class to six kids I had never met before. I did not know if the class would be a success or if the students would even enjoy the activity. But slowly, our class grew and students of different ages and skill levels trickled in through the door. Some reserved and soft-spoken, others bold and sociable. As time passed, we became a family. We learned each other’s favorite colors, our favorite activities, and our likes and dislikes. A fond memory of mine was when we decided to end the year with a fun activity, building gingerbread houses. Smiling faces and sounds of laughter filled the room as we tried our hardest to keep the houses from falling and the kids from eating all the candy. FCSN has helped me come out of my shell and become a leader who is willing to take charge. Here, I have formed new friendships and met some of the most amazing, kindhearted people I know. The kids and parents at FCSN have taught me important values such as patience, compassion, and appreciation for the little things in life. And I am eternally grateful for the support I have found with my FCSN family.”

In the future, Serena plans on attending Tufts University. We thank her for her contributions and wish her luck in the future!

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