FCSN GYVers 2021- Edbert Wang

In FCSN Voices’ 2021 GYVers campaign, we are proud to honor the graduating high school seniors who have contributed so much to the success of FCSN’s programs.

Leland High School graduate Edbert Wang volunteered with FCSN throughout his high school years. Here is an account of his experience volunteering at FCSN.

“Through its schools, neighborhood programs, libraries and other resources, I have been greatly impacted by my community. At nearly every turn, a volunteer was present to make the program run, help me discover a new book, or serve alongside our teachers. In a way, I’ve looked up to those individuals. It’s their inspiration that has helped me to see the impact in giving a little time to help people reach their potential. I decided to serve with FCSN because of the chance to help give back to the community. I joined a team that helps students learn computer-related skills, ranging from animation to web design. I began volunteering back in 8th grade. Initially, it was tough fitting in with all of the other more experienced volunteers, but I was eventually able to grow to fit the role. Over the course of 4 years as a volunteer, I have strived to teach the course as best as I could. For my service and experience, I was eventually promoted to a leadership role to help organize volunteers and decide on course work. From there I have dedicated myself to continue to improve the course by improving the materials and curriculum. Overall, these last 4 years have been a lot of fun and a great learning experience. My time at FCSN provided a great chance to visualize how much the community could benefit through just a little bit of assistance.”

We thank him for his contributions and wish him luck in the future!

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