FCSN 25th Anniversary Special : Q&A With the Co-Founders PART 2

What is the impact of FCSN to you and your family?

by: Anna & Albert Wang, Linmei & Jim Chiao

Anna: FCSN changed our family’s life dramatically.  Albert and I have 3 precious children. Beverly is our eldest, Lawrence is our middle child, diagnosed with autism, and Alyssa is our youngest. Lawrence had serious issues with communication, socialization, and self-injurious behaviors.  We felt alone and depressed. After we founded FCSN with 9 other families, our entire family was involved.  Together with the other members, we found support. We share each other’s tears and joy. We found strength and purpose in our Big FCSN Family.  We developed many programs, activities, and events for families, children and adults. We built centers, businesses, housing, networks and community integration. We established community and government relationships to advocate for our rights, benefits, and services. We now serve more than 1000 families and individuals. 

Albert: We are able to meet other loving families in similar situations, help each other, and build long lasting friendships.  FCSN developed programs suitable for my son Lawrence that will cover his lifespan.  We feel assured he will have friends and be cared for long after we are gone.

Linmei: For 25 years now, we feel so lucky to be able to actively volunteer at FCSN. It has always given us a purpose in life. In 2006, we even sold our Saratoga house to live in FCSN Supported Living Community to help start the program. Many other parent groups deem this program very successful and have been trying to replicate  it. Our son has been happily living in the Community for over 15 years. Through FCSN programs, he also works at Walmart, and enjoys so many programs and activities even during the pandemic.

Jim: We started as a small parents support group, building programs that could directly benefit our own children. Step by step, we have built many programs that benefited not only our own children, but also many others’. Over the last 25 years, we have met so many families and together we have built this great organization. It is a long journey that we can all be proud of and treasure. Personally, I think volunteering at FCSN has been the most rewarding part of my life.

Stay tuned for August 13th, Part 3 of FCSN 25th Anniversary Special: Q&A With the Co-Founders
What is the difference between FCSN and other similar organizations?

PART 1: What was the original goal of founding this organization?

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