FCSN 25th Anniversary Special : Q&A With the Co-Founders PART 5

What is your wish and the future prospect for FCSN?

by: Anna & Albert Wang, Linmei & James Chiao

Front view of the newly constructed FCSN Center in 2006

Albert: To be able to solidify our core mission of building family support, forming the “village” that is sustainable.  Using our tremendously successful model to help others, either through expansion or supporting other families to do the same.  

Anna: It’s my dream that new FCSN families / parents share our mission and vision to deliver Happiness to special needs individuals and Peace of Mind to the families for the next 100 years.

Jim: We have been running this organization for 25 years. It is time that we have a new generation of leaders. This transition has already begun and will accelerate in the coming years. We encourage all families to participate and make volunteering a way of life. Our goal is building a community for our special children. The need for such a community is only growing stronger, I expect FCSN to expand and serve many more families in the future. 

Linmei: I dream that most FCSN people, volunteers, and supporters can all benefit and feel accomplished through FCSN involvement. One of the areas FCSN can further strengthen is our culture, we want to be innovative, efficient, and most importantly be kind. As a team, we need more patience, listening to each other, and taking more time to care about each other. We also need to better understand and support our wonderful staff and volunteers. There is still so much to do! And I believe we can do it!

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