Meducate’s Contribution to FCSN: Human Anatomy

Instructors at Meducate used interactive lessons, individual attention, and fun and engaging activities to teach FCSN students about how your body works. Students had fun learning about the digestive system, the central nervous system, immune system, and much more. Continue reading Meducate’s Contribution to FCSN: Human Anatomy

Overcoming the Impossible: Amy Hao

Born with cerebral palsy, a condition so severe it affect movement of her entire body, Amy had to overcome many obstacles to get to where she is today. She learned to read by watching TV, advocated for her own needs throughout her academic years, and today she is a graduate student at Cal State LA. Amy shares her insights on growing up with a physical disability, but a resilient spirit. Continue reading Overcoming the Impossible: Amy Hao

FCSN’s Very First Scholarship Fund of 2021

This year, FCSN decided to award a scholarship fund of $5,000 each to three youth volunteers, who have given their all to FCSN and the entire special needs community. Ashika Kuchhangi, Charis Ling, and Rachel Huynh are prospective students with promising futures, who have certainly proven their dedication and commitment to FCSN. Read more about these amazing youth volunteers. Continue reading FCSN’s Very First Scholarship Fund of 2021

2021 Gala Press Conference

Oct. 22, at noon, FCSN gala team held a press conference for the media at the new Osgood site in Fremont. Co-chairmen Yee Yeen Wang and James Chiao set the agenda and Yee- Yeen presided over the meeting. The meeting was also attended by FCSN’s other gala committee members: Jason Hwan, Peter Chan, CK Lee, Anna Wang, Sylvia Yeh, Lilian Lin, Albert Wang, and Limin Hu. Before the meeting started, the reporters got a guided tour around the new facility. Continue reading 2021 Gala Press Conference