Meet Our Council Members – LIFE Q2

Compiled and written by Patty Chou, FCSN Staff


Joshua is the most energetic and enthusiastic among the members. He was drawn to the President position right away during the election. Joshua is incredibly respectful of his council members and teachers. Joshua is always enthusiastic during meeting discussions and would give good ideas from time to time during meetings. He is one special person who always puts others’ interests and benefits in front of his own. We expect more creative ideas and input in the future from Joshua.

Joshua Aragon


Chris S. organizational skills are obvious to all in Client Council. He reviewed all the responsibilities and duties before the election carefully and found he was most interested in the Vice President position. He is willing to help the president carry out his functions and responsibilities for the LIFE program. Chris was substantially excited when he got elected for this position. Chris is open-minded and not shy to give compliments to his peers when others had new ideas.

Chris Studendorff


Alex joined this term of Client Council a little later than the rest of the council members. He accepted the Secretary position without hesitation while other positions were filled. Alex is goal-oriented and is always trying to achieve the goals he has in mind persistently. Alex picked up the Secretary’s duties in a short time and performed those duties well quickly during our meetings. Alex’s goal-driven and quick response helps the Client Council working toward our goals efficiently.



Allison is always excited and adventurous when trying new things. Allison is also a good cheerleader when she sees or hears new ideas. Allison would be a good spirit lifter when the Council is promoting new ideas or concepts to the LIFE program. Allison’s artistic abilities brought a breeze to our council meetings.



Chris T. is always one of the more quiet ones in the LIFE program before. It was a surprise Chris would be interested in this position. By taking the position, he would have more opportunities to express more about himself and his ideas. It turns out Chris’s various interests and new ideas gave the LIFE program a fresh sense of views and new aspects about what our students can do.

Chris Tintoc

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