Join FCSN Voices Youth Reporters Team

We are looking for volunteers interested in being youth reporters and/or graphic designers/digital artists for FCSN Voices! FCSN Voices is FCSN’s online newsletter that expanded rapidly this past year as the team has worked to share FCSN stories online. Seeing your articles get published on FCSN Voices and the main FCSN website is an amazingly rewarding experience, and you will gain valuable communication, writing, teamwork, and outreach skills. There are also opportunities to receive the FCSN Voices Outstanding Contributor award for top reporters. Continue reading Join FCSN Voices Youth Reporters Team

A Foreword to FCSN’s New Book

FCSN recently published a compilation of stories in their new book, “Friends of Children with Special Needs – Building a Dream Community.” Written by FCSN staff, parents, clients, and volunteers, the book chronicles the history of FCSN in the past 25 years. This is the foreword to the book, written by FCSN parent, Board Member, and Chair, Chenming Hu.
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