FCSN Receives Five Automated External Defibrillators from ZOLL

By Jennie Wang, Senior Youth Reporter

In December 2021, FCSN received a donation of five automated external defibrillators (AED) with accessories from ZOLL Medical Corporation. Intended to resuscitate victims of sudden cardiac arrest, an AED checks a victim’s heart rhythm through adhesive electrodes and administers an electric shock through the chest and into the heart. With these machines, FCSN will be able to provide trained staff with the proper equipment and guidance to treat a medical emergency. Especially since FCSN provides care to a vulnerable population, installing accessible medical supplies within the FCSN centers is an important milestone for the agency. 

For clients, parents, and staff at FCSN, the donation comes as an immediate relief. Although all FCSN staff are required to receive CPR and First Aid Training every two years, CPR is not always effective in saving a life and can be time consuming in case of a medical emergency. Thankfully, this isn’t the case with an AED. According to the American Heart Association, immediate CPR coupled with an AED can double a victim’s chance at survival — meaning that FCSN centers are now equipped with the proper medical knowledge and devices to ensure a high survival rate in the chance of cardiac arrest. 

ZOLL’s donation was unexpected yet received with much gratitude from FCSN, as there was no previous tie between the two agencies. AED machines typically cost upwards of $2,000 — a high price, especially for a non-profit. “They’re very generous for donating this to a non profit organization,” FCSN Business Director & Director Sylvia Yeh said. FCSN is grateful to install the five machines at their three centers, protecting the lives of more than 300 special needs individuals who receive daily services, as well as their family, community members, and staff, who use FCSN facilities on a regular basis. “This is like a dream come true … Over the past six or seven years, I have been wanting to do this,” Yeh said. 

The AED at FCSN East Bay Center

Thank you, ZOLL, for your generous donation!

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