Joyful FCSN Reopening

Nirali Gandhi, FCSN Tailored Day Services (TDS) Client

FCSN re-opened on July 19, 2021 after being closed  for more than a year due to the coronavirus pandemic  in March 2020. During the closure, no  one was there, and it was super empty. We were doing all the activities on Zoom. FCSN moved to online sessions, teaching classes like Interpersonal Skills, Staying Focused, Nutrition, and even Graphic Designs. I learned a lot by joining the online sessions. I was attending all the sessions with my friends, and I enjoy being in touch with them 

I feel happy to see everyone back at FCSN.  It’s been more than a year since I saw everyone, and everyone has to keep a mask on and stay at least six feet apart from others. The important rule is for everyone to wash their hands often. 

During the closure,  I missed attending the  in-person activities, but now I am back in FCSN and the events have resumed. I enjoy all the activities, and I am happy to be able to see my friends once again.

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