In Awe and Happy to Return to a  Normal FCSN Life

Felicia Hopkins, FCSN client and East Bay Adult Day Program student

It had been more than a year of at-home Zoom classes everyday. I really looked forward to the day that I could go back to the FCSN Day Program in-person.

After the parents meeting on June 9th, 2021, my Mom told me that I might be able to go back to FCSN soon. 

“Really? I can go back to FCSN? Woooo, how nice! I can finally go back to FCSN!”

The day finally arrived. On August 16, 2021, I started going back to FCSN. I like to be with my friends and teachers in-person again!   I now attend FCSN Adult Day Program two days a week. 

Every morning, before I enter the FCSN center, I get my temperature checked and answer questions about where I have been and how I feel. Indoors, I have to constantly wear a mask and stay at a safe distance from others.  It is a little inconvenient, but I need to do that to stay healthy. I like going back to FCSN! I like FCSN because it is very fun and safe. I enjoy these days so much. I have been attending FCSN’s program for a long time, I always have a good time with the group, they are my friends.

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