From Virtual to Exciting In-Person Learning

By Angelica Sison, FCSN client

Due to COVID-19 shelter-in-place, I couldn’t go to FCSN in person and  had to attend classes online. Online classes  helped because I still get to do my classes just in a different format. Seeing Ms. Shobha, Ms. Cathy, and Claire was good because I haven’t seen them in a long time. I missed the snack bar, and Staying Focused and Nutrition class because it had been a long time since I participated in person.

When FCSN closed in March 2020, we had to switch to Zoom classes online. At first, I felt  uncomfortable doing classes online after doing them in person for so long, but after a while, I got used to it. I liked having the Staying Focused, Nutrition, and Interpersonal Skills classes, except for the PowerPoint part of the Interpersonal Skills class because it was too confusing. The online classes helped me stay in touch with Ms. Shobha, Ms. Cathy, Ms. Kristin, and all of my other classmates. I learned new exercises in Staying Focused class; I learned about what types of food I should eat and how different body parts work in Nutrition class, I learned how to socialize professionally and how to participate at work in Interpersonal Skills class.

When FCSN reopened on July 19, 2021 I was so excited to see all of my teachers and classmates face to face. I have been longing to see everyone in person because I hadn’t seen them for 16 months. It was more fun to attend Staying Focused and Nutrition Class in person because I got to exercise alongside my  teachers and classmates. We talk, laugh, and have fun every time when we come to FCSN.

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