New Adventure At FCSN

By Jeffrey Gao, Tailored Day Services Client

I have moved countless times across the United States in my life; now, I’ve settled in Fremont, CA. I’ve recently joined FCSN Tailored Day Services (TDS) and have enjoyed it very much. It’s been a fun experience to meet new people and share stories with each other. It has helped me open up to people more and master using Zoom. While I am generally introverted, it still feels nice to meet people and living during a pandemic does not help. Something very similar happened a hundred years ago and that was without video conferencing technology. Now FCSN has reopened (two days after my birthday by the way) I have been able to meet people up close and personal. It feels great to meet people in person because to meet people up close is an experience that can’t be described. It is nothing like seeing someone’s head in a video call or hearing their voice mixed with buzzing on the phone. I enjoy meeting people in person because by getting to know people personally, I feel more comfortable around them. After joining FCSN, I feel more like I can say what I feel in front of the people here and like doing it. I am grateful to be a part of FCSN. They do well in providing for my needs.

That is me writing this. Any resemblance to Peter Parker is coincidental.

Jeffrey Gao

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