Making Difference in Students’ Lives

By Leslie Lo, FCSN East Bay Adult Day Program Instructor

I started my work at FCSN as an instructor of East Bay Adult Day Program on August 23, 2021. I was excited as I have always wanted to work with people who are underprivileged since I was young. However, I also felt anxious because I didn’t know if I could handle every aspect of the work well. 

I got a lot of support from FCSN friendly staff who walked me through and helped me with the virtual and in-person classes offered to the clients. FCSN’s Phase II Reopening occurred on August 16, 2021, which was a week before my employment with FCSN. FCSN offers a variety of classes for clients to choose to attend: reading, math, history, traveling, arts & crafts, exercise, and jobs training, etc. I meet clients virtually on Zoom from Monday to Wednesday, and in person on Thursdays and Fridays. I enjoy seeing the clients engaging in the classes and from time to time offering encouragement to help them overcome shyness. 

The most rewarding part of my work comes from the opportunity to help my students become more independent. Additionally, forming friendships with each of my clients means a lot to me. 

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