WeDo2 Lego Spring Class Builds Robotics Knowledge at FCSN

In the spring of 2023, Team Alphabots, a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics team, hosted a series of 8 weekly Lego robotics classes to introduce FCSN students to engineering and programming skill sets. With the mission of spreading awareness of STEM fields to young and underprivileged students in the Bay Area, Alphabots’ nonprofit organization, Alphabots4All, reached out to FCSN hoping to assist special needs students in developing an interest in robotics. In Alphabots4All’s lessons, students use the Lego WeDo2 sets, software, and instructional manuals to build projects and learn to code.  Continue reading WeDo2 Lego Spring Class Builds Robotics Knowledge at FCSN

Supporting Branden Through the Self Determination Program (SDP)

Two years ago, the Department of Developmental Services (DDS) introduced the Self-Determination Program (SDP) through Person-Centered Planning at an open house. Susan and Yong were quick to sign up for the pilot program, as their son Branden was in the last year of the Young Adult Program at the time. Although Branden was able to keep up with his academic workload, his autism manifested as extreme shyness that prevented him from communicating with others. Susan realized that if Branden were to graduate and enter the real world, he would struggle to survive on his own. In light of this urgent situation, Susan and Yong saw that the Person Centered approach of the new SDP could help Branden achieve independence and become an active member of the community. Continue reading Supporting Branden Through the Self Determination Program (SDP)

Biology For Curious Kids

Originally starting as our passion for biological sciences, Biology for Curious Kids has since blossomed into a virtual enrichment program to help kids with special needs learn about biology and its applications to the real world. Through cartoons and thoughtful explanations, the class focuses on engaging students and aiding them in discovering the ever-changing world. We try to make this class as interactive as possible by having the students compete in kahoots, answer questions, or just talk about their day.  Continue reading Biology For Curious Kids

2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is an award given by the President to reward volunteers for devoting hours to community service. Since 2014, FCSN has been participating in this program as a certifying organization to incentivize our volunteers to participate in more activities and serve their communities. In the past year of 2022, 31 FCSN youth volunteers earned the PVSA young adult and teen awards for bronze, silver, and gold categories. Continue reading 2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)