2022 President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA)

Written by Erica Chiu, FCSN’s PVSA Coordinator & FCSN School Clubs Lead

Graphics by Kaitlyn Huynh, FCSN Voices Graphic Artist

The Presidential Volunteer Service Award is an award given by the President to reward volunteers for devoting hours to community service. Since 2014, FCSN has been participating in this program as a certifying organization to incentivize our volunteers to participate in more activities and serve their communities. In 2021, I took over as the PVSA coordinator of FCSN. I work to process the applications of our volunteers and address their questions and concerns.

The application opens throughout January of the new year (2023) and takes applications for the award certifying hours from the 1/1-12/31 of the previous calendar year (2022). A frequently asked question is whether volunteers can combine hours they spent working at another organization with that of FCSN when applying. FCSN’s policy allows the combination of hours from one other 501(c) non-profit organization, so long as FCSN makes up for 50% or more of the total hours volunteered. After volunteering hours are verified through the FCSN portal, volunteers receive a confirmation email. FCSN then orders the awards and mails them to award winners.

The volunteer hour requirements for the respective age group are as follows:

Young Adult (16-25)50-74 hours75-99 hours100+ hours
Teens (11-15)100-174 hours175-249 hours250+ hours

For the year of 2022, we had 18 teen winners and 13 young adult winners. We would like to applaud all volunteers for their selfless work in the community. FCSN is proud to present the list of winners below. Congratulations to all winners!

Winners List

Teen Category (11-15 y/o)

GoldAarav Sharma
GoldAkshara Bachu
GoldAmanda Loh
GoldCaitlyn Sue
GoldCatherine Wang
GoldChinmay Kumar
GoldCrystal Fan
GoldDaniel Chen
GoldDelia Zuzarte
GoldHelen Gu
GoldRyan Lim
SilverMadeline Liao
BronzeAngel Li
BronzeChloe Yoon
BronzeSamhita Mirmira
BronzeShihua Sherra Li
BronzeSiddharth Saigal
BronzeTarini Sajja

Young Adult Category (16-25 y/o)

GoldKerensa Hardesty
GoldLarry Wang
GoldShelley Li
BronzeAryika Kumar
BronzeAshika Kuchhangi
BronzeBryanna Ho
BronzeCarmia Deng
BronzeJames Wang
BronzeJiang (Martin) Xu
BronzeKristy Su
BronzeSameer Tangirala
BronzeShiyi Sherry Li
BronzeShreya Johar

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