FCSN Toastmaster Press Release

FCSN Toastmaster Club Vice President of Public Relation, Alan Hwan, crafted this announcement to promote membership. FCSN Toastmasters welcomes special needs adults 18 and older as members. Members run meetings, give speeches and play a variety of supportive roles. Continue reading FCSN Toastmaster Press Release

Introducing FCSN Spring 2021 Virtual Classes

Classes in math, science, human anatomy, nutrition and health, cooking, social skills, public speaking, embroidery, arts and crafts, music, percussion, singing, dance, yoga, basketball, computer skills and programming are offered this semester. Spaces are limited on some of these programs so register soon to reserve your spot. Continue reading Introducing FCSN Spring 2021 Virtual Classes

FCSN Toastmasters Club

FCSN Kids and Young Adults Find Their Voices in Toastmasters By Dan Rachlin, FCSN parent About two years ago, I attended a routine IEP for my son Sammy. At the beginning of the meeting, his teacher Ms. Louis mentioned that Sammy would be giving his own presentation. I was quietly skeptical, expecting that this would be a very watered-down sort of affair. When it came … Continue reading FCSN Toastmasters Club