FCSN Toastmaster Press Release

FCSN Toastmaster Club Vice President of Public Relation, Alan Hwan, crafted this announcement to promote membership. FCSN Toastmasters welcomes special needs adults 18 and older as members.  The club was chartered by Toastmasters International on June 29, 2020.  

Dear Auntie Anna,

This is Alan Hwan. I am the current Vice President of Public Relations in the FCSN Toastmasters Club. I would like to work with you to make an announcement about our club so you can help post it in the FCSN weekly update:

A majority of the club members take on the meeting role each week; for example, members are expected to prepare a speech, joke or thought of the day, for the Saturday meeting. This can be done by writing a script or by filling out a template. It is a fun practice and process for club members.

FCSN Toastmasters club is very fortunate to have several volunteers providing daily basics coaching sessions. In addition, they also kindly provide support such that members are well prepared for the meeting. Everyone can have a very safe and comfortable community to improve together. You can even take an officer role and gain experience in leadership, just like I am the current Vice President of Public Relations.

My favorite role at every Saturday meeting is the Wizard of AhsFiller words mean when somebody says ah, um, or oh. I need to count those filler words and report to the club. I like this role because it is fun to catch filler words and other members can grant me experience that help me improve my speech skills.

I think the FCSN Toastmasters club helps me a lot: I learn how to participate in formal meetings and understand how to prepare before each one. I learn to listen when other people are talking. I also enjoy giving a speech in front of club members. Sometimes I feel a little bit nervous but after the presentation, I feel very good and happy.

I hope more FCSN people can join Toastmasters;  not only can it help you improve, but you also have a lot of fun. Most importantly, you make many friends in this club.

Alan Hwan

Vice President of Public Relations 

FCSN Toastmasters Club

FCSN Toastmasters Registration is ongoing (Oct. 1 to Mar. 31, 2022)
Meeting times:   5:30 p.m. – 6:30 p.m Saturdays, using Zoom
(When open, every other meeting will be at FCSN in San Jose)
Contact: Daniel Rachlin | email: djrachlin@gmail.com
To register, click here: https://camperregsecure.com/fcsn/programdetails.php?programid=CR0150

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