My Life During the Pandemic

by Austin

I feel like many of my staff have helped me to understand germs and viruses and how they spread and can make people sick. My staff Susana is really good at disinfecting everything, even the chairs we sit on. She also always reminds us to wash our hands and not touch our faces.

I have learned that the precautions we are taking, such as wearing masks or gloves, are annoying, but they help prevent the spread of germs and viruses.

We have been in isolation for over a month. During that time we started a new vegetable and fruit garden because it became difficult to buy everything we wanted at the grocery store. It also gave us something nice to do outside for fresh air and to get some more physical activity.

Our home is very, very clean these days, and I really like it, even if it is hard work for everyone. We are doing a lot more cooking at home since we have more time. Also, growing our very own vegetables and fruits will save us some money on groceries and trips to the store. We will probably have enough to share with others, and that’s a good feeling.

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