Client Spotlight: Edward Chen

by Edward Chen, FCSN Tailored Day Services Client

I think that online Tailored Day Services is good. It’s good because we don’t have to be exposed to the virus. I am happy because this also saves my parents. I am aware that going outside is dangerous at this point in time, and I feel safer doing activities at home.

I have been off work since shelter-in-place was announced. I miss going to work and seeing my co-workers. I also miss seeing my staff and friends at FCSN. I am always happy when I see them at our virtual group classes. Even though I don’t get to see my friends as much as I want to, I get to see them when I join classes.

During one of our sessions, we planned re-opening our FCSN snack bar. My friends, job coach and I discussed new snacks and ideas for the time when we finally open again. I am very excited because we are working together to make improvements in our efficiency.

Aside from the snack bar, we also talked about safety. I shared my experiences as a nutrition assistant to my group. I talked about the proper way of wearing, using and disposing of gloves. I love this virtual service a lot.

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