Learning Without Boundaries Through FCSN Tailored Day Services (TDS)

By Mariah Laguna

When the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown started, I was pretty sad because I had to leave my apartment and be safe with my family. I couldn’t really go out and have fun like I used to. I want to have fun, and it was boring staying at home doing nothing much but then I started to take zoom classes for my day program called LIFE (Learning, Integrating, Friendship, Empowerment) for 5 Days Per Week. When I’m out of the house I usually go shopping or have some fun at my family’s house but I still wear a mask and bring hand sanitizer with me to stay safe.

In the afternoons I take a wonderful Interpersonal skills class with my TDS teacher, Ms. Kristen. She teaches the class on how to get a job and be professional while you are working. Also I take a fun stretching/meditation class with Shobha because when I work out with them in class it burns my calories for eating too much food, haha, and when I meditate in class, it really puts me in a relaxed mood because it gets rid of my stress. Lastly but not least, I take nutrition class with Cathy because I’m learning how to eat healthier and it’s good to be healthy.

By Angela Sison

To stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, you should wash your hands and stay home. If you plan on going outside, you should wear a face mask in order to protect yourself. The “Staying Focused” class of FCSN TDS has helped me because I get to exercise in my own house and not have to go to a gym. The meditation afterwards helps me relax after exercising. We had our virtual Halloween celebration that made me feel much safer than celebrating outside. The gratitude meditation for Thanksgiving helped me relax after exercising. In “Interpersonal Skills” class I learned how to get out of a building safely in case of a fire emergency. In “Nutrition” class I learned that fiber slowly raises your blood sugar unlike carbohydrates.

A TDS class about the importance of voting

By Nirali Ghandi

Since coronavirus came, we were in the order of shelter-in-place. Stay at least 6 feet from others and always wear a mask and have hand sanitizer on hand in case. Try not to touch anywhere on the face without handwashing. For a few days, I have been bored and lonely at home and having nothing to do. I started taking zoom classes with FCSN Tailored Day Services (TDS). I enjoy and learn a lot from the classes.

Social Grace: For the dressing I know, because I know how to do that on my own. For hygiene, I brush my teeth two times a day. I do use my proper table manners. The etiquette is when you are eating, try not to talk. Swallow, then talk. It shows good etiquette and the table manners.

Understanding US currency and counting money: I have been taking ‘Understanding Currency’ for a few days now, so I am learning how to count money out of coins. I feel strong and brave.

FCSN Virtual Group Classes: Every Tuesday at 2:30 I have a session called “Staying Focused”. When I do the workout, I am out of breath and I feel good. It makes me stay active. It makes me laugh and it is good to laugh it loud.  I feel relaxed. Every Monday I have a session at 2:30 p.m. It is called “Interpersonal skills”. I learned about English at Work video, the Powerpoint, the resume and also being professional while working. Every Friday I have a session at 1p.m. I learned about everything from carbohydrates to sodium to sugars and the daily values etc. It is called nutrition.

By Tori Fuentes

The COVID 19 pandemic has been so much more different now with me doing online classes for my community college. Because I miss all of my friends from high school and coaching Special Olympics to visit them. I just wish we could see each other pretty soon. Through FCSN TDS, I learn from online classes and also, I learn Interpersonal skills because these will help to teach how to get the job training.  All of the classes I did not learn before at my ROP. I remember I did volunteer for my jobsite. The “Staying Focused” class is helping me out with exercises and meditation. It helps me a lot to relax and feel much better. The “Nutrition” class helps me to eat more vegetables and learn nutrition facts.

I love being in FCSN and hanging out with clients who are now my friends at FCSN. I learned new fun activities like the Halloween party on Zoom, celebrating our birthday  movies with popcorn, and helping me to prepare for a good job later on. I really appreciate and enjoy learning lots of new things at FCSN. I have the best coaches: Ms. Claire and Ms. Shobha; and the best teachers: Ms. Kristen and Ms. Cathy. I learn a lot like money math, communication skills, and job training skills.

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