Overcoming Adversities Through Love and Dedication

By Lori Hasty, SBWILL Parent

My son, Gregg Hasty, attends zoom classes with FCSN South Bay W.I.L.L. (Work, Integration, Living, Learning) Day Program and, like so many others, looks forward to when FCSN will reopen and he can see everyone in person.  It has been hard on everyone not to be able to go anywhere or see anyone.

Gregg is legally blind and has exceptionally low-hand skills. I attended classes with him to keep him focused, retype the reading to larger font, put out real money for math worksheets, and help him use the iPad icons that are too small for him. The hardest class for Gregg is yoga. He works through it by modifying it “his way.” He frustrates when shared screen context is too small for him to see or read.

Since I spend so much time in classes, it has given me a rare opportunity to get to know some of the clients and teachers better which normally I do not have that opportunity.  It has been really fun at times hearing what is said.

The amount of work that everyone at FCSN puts in to support for our special needs community is outstanding. Gregg looks forward to his classes and being with his peers. It has become the new norm for now.

Even though my house is not as tidy and paperwork stacking up, plants are going unplanted, we all know we need to focus on what matters more, our children. Thanks to all our wonderful staff and their dedication.

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