Glad to Be Back, Home!

By Tania Viana, SBWILL Teacher

First, working at FCSN has been a blessing. I feel glad to share my love and passion every day for this wonderful organization and its purpose. However, I had to resign due to my relocation to southern California at the end of last year (2019). When Annabelle Foz, Program Manager, called in September this year and asked whether I could teach classes virtually, I knew it was temporary due to the pandemic. But I did not think twice about saying yes, although I had held a different position before and it meant dedicating extra time to design a few hours of lessons. I knew I could make a great difference as a Direct Support Staff. Having experience as a Case Manager before, I knew how much we need staff that is committed and compassionate in this field.  I could not be happier to be back and give my best to not only fulfill a position but also take on a goal of giving our clients the best learning time possible.

I personally have a philosophy of doing the best I can in every work I do in life. But for me, FCSN is more than a job, this is home. This is where I can share my love for teaching and feel that I am enriching someone’s life.  Seeing our clients smile when they enjoy a class that I teach or simply seeing them engage in a lesson means a lot to me.

I wish that my humble contribution as an instructor, designing quality classes and showing engaging materials to our clients leaves a footprint in them, as well as in this organization.

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