Adventures in FCSN Virtual Learning


This year has been difficult for me at FCSN. Because of COVID-19, I can’t see any of my friends like Juanita and my boyfriend Zach and my family.  It’s hard for me not hanging out with Zach as we used to do, and I was very sad I cried that I was not able to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family.  I am even sadder that Christmas is coming, and I can’t see my family or my honey because of the pandemic. It’s sad to tell my family “I love you” and give them a virtual hug over FaceTime. I tell my boyfriend “I miss you and I love you” and give him a virtual kiss over FaceTime, and Zach gives me one back. We wish so much that we can do this in person. During the pandemic, as an essential worker, I still work at Safeway. My colleagues have become my family. I’m working on Christmas this year from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. I have a big brother at Safeway, and his name is Nicholas. He watches out for me. Also, I watch Baywatch; that show makes me happy.

Tatiana Gudjohnsen

I cannot go to FCSN because of COVID-19. I use Zoom instead. I remember now the meeting ID. When I cannot switch to a breakroom for Reading, my mom helps me. I like Yoga, Reading, and Hangman games. I do not like Math. Last Friday, we had Wordsearch and Wheel of Fortune instead of Sing Along. Though I like the games, I miss Sing Along class more. Every day I walk for one hour. My aunt gave me a step counter. This morning I walked 2,000 steps.

Thomas Vo

I love attending almost all Zoom classes offered by FCSN each day, including classes on Saturday and Sunday. When I am not on Zoom classes, I enjoy working on art and crafts like knitting projects, coloring books, and making cards.  Once in a while, I help my dad on house projects and work in the yard. I am happy to be home with my family. 

Gideon Chan

P.S. from Gideon’s parents, Jenny & Wayne– We trust that all is well with you and your family.  Thank you very much for all your care for Gideon during this pandemic time.  We hope you and your family enjoyed happy holidays and enjoy a prosperous New Year!

There are so many favorite Zoom classes that I like offered by FCSN: Reading and Math although sometimes it’s too easy for me. I also love Drawing Class and Art, particularly the coloring.  Dancing online with my teacher and friends is fun, but I can’t do a lot because of my ankle problems. I also enjoy Current Events Class, and I learn something new every day. I have fun in Yoga, and I feel so relaxed. I love Disney Sing Along class, too. I love almost everything!”

Cindy Chua

Because of the COVID-19, we cannot go to FCSN anymore, so I have been taking classes on Zoom.  I like the morning exercise with the teachers and my friends.  I like Math, Life/Social Skills, especially the Reading classes, I like that very much.  I also like watching videos at lunch time. I get to see my teachers and my fellow students too. But I prefer going to FCSN and I am looking forward to when things get back to normal like before with the same Day Program because I am a part of the client group.  Yes, I am looking forward to going back to FCSN!”

Felicia Hopkins

I like Zoom classes because I can see all my friends and instructors on my Computer. I like to share all my stuff in my room on Zoom. I like to do exercise in my room and listen to music. I like to stay home so I can be safe from the virus. I like to do show and Tell on Zoom.”

Jessie Castaneda

It has been such a long time sheltering in place. It seems almost to be the norm now. Chris is very grateful for his Zoom classes with FCSN LIFE (Living, Integration, Friendship, Empowerment) Program. He likes getting to know the community. He is happy about some of the things we do during SIP. He was able to play on his new PS4 and master some of the games. He painted a flower pot for his brother for Christmas. He is very proud of it. Chris really enjoys his chats with FCSN teacher Patty Chou. We as a family are taking many bike rides and walks together, so some exercise is getting done! 

Although he lost his last day program at the airport (unrelated to FCSN), Chris is certainly looking forward to moving into his apartment at FCSN. Getting to know the staff and other students through the Zoom classes has been wonderful for him. We hear him singing and laughing a lot. He is a little sad that his staff from the airport has not contacted him at all, and he misses her.

He will be glad when we can eat in a restaurant again and go shopping, although he has mastered shopping on Amazon! Our family celebrations have been limited, so we can all stay safe. We all look forward to the time when we can move about more freely. Chris is really looking forward to moving into the FCSN family.

We wish everyone at FCSN and their families a safe, healthy and happy Christmas and New Year.”

Christopher Studendorff and Debbie (Mom)

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“At first, Shelter in Place made me feel sad because I thought that FCSN would close forever. I also felt sad because I thought I was never going to see my roommates, friends, caregivers, and teachers ever again. I was very disappointed because I didn’t get a chance to celebrate my birthday this year, but then I realized it’s okay because I can always make up my birthday party later. 

While Sheltering in Place every day, I’ve been running at Coyote Hills and Don Edwards Park for four hours, 13 miles a day when it’s not raining. I also attend the Zoom classes of Day Program and SLS. On top of my busy life, I also attend People Choir’s Zoom practices every Tuesdays from 7-9:30pm. For my free time, I watch my favorite TV shows like American Idol, The Voice, The Wall, and Ellen’s Game of Games.  I have been asking my parents to allow me to go back to work. They have said that I must get my vaccine shot first, which I hope will be soon.Back in May I participated in a live YouTube video with some puppeteers because that week was 30th anniversary of the death of Jim Henson, creator of The Muppets. I met The Muppets on a website called On the website Galaxycon, I can do Questions and Answers with famous people in the entertainment industry. I’ve also been thinking about my future–possibly getting married and give my parents grandchildren while they are still healthy. Recently,  I found a new girlfriend, and I’m very happy with her. The only problem is that she lives in another country and hopefully one day after the pandemic, I can go visit her with my family and possibly plan for our future.”

Andrew Chiang

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