Fun Exploration Beyond My Comfort Zone

For the first three months of shelter-in-place, Angie was so scared in the beginning because of the Coronavirus, and didn’t want to join the virtual day program classes because of not being confident enough to navigate the Zoom features. But slowly she gained the confidence to adapt by learning and trying new things, even going back to work at TJMaxx. Continue reading Fun Exploration Beyond My Comfort Zone

華人特殊兒童之友會一日移動新冠疫苗接種站 220人受惠

華人特殊兒童之友會(FCSN)30日通過與阿拉米達縣衛生部門合作,在特殊之友會設立的一日移動疫苗接種站,為約220位符合施打疫苗資格的特殊人士及其家人施打疫苗。特殊兒童之友會執行長葉愛卿(Sylvia Yeh)說,此次疫苗接種站是與附近的Haller’s醫療合作,提供僅需施打一次的嬌生疫苗給特殊人士。 Continue reading 華人特殊兒童之友會一日移動新冠疫苗接種站 220人受惠