Positivity and Silver Lining Through SIP

Maria Campos, EBADP Program Coordinator

This past year was unbelievable! Unexpected things happened and required that we at FCSN adjust everything to challenges we were experiencing. Looking for the positive things resulting in my life, I see: 

  • Learning to Use Zoom to offer our clients activities that make them happy and busy. It was good that FCSN continued to offer services to our clients; we immediately started phone calls, emails and getting in touch with our clients; then, we opened the online classes, and it was wonderful to see their smiles and happiness; singing, dancing and interacting with them filled my heart with joy.
  • Multitasking at Home and for Work. At the beginning it was very difficult to adjust with my work, my husband’s work and my son’s school meetings as we all worked from home; after a while, I learned to take advantage of my multitasking skills. It took patience, love, and understanding from my bosses and my family, but everything on my list was crossed daily. Things on my lists were done!
  • Appreciating more the natural world, sunshine, every flower, every park, every little moment with my son and my husband. Reading about so many people sick and going to heaven was very sad and encouraged me to appreciate every minute of my health, my life, and my loved ones.
  • Time for Health and Fitness.   Working from home with the lockdown helped me to be more careful about my diet, going to the grocery store really fast and directly to the healthy food area; waking up early to go to empty stores and empty parks allowed me to enjoy the morning song birds. I was finally able to go for walks in my neighborhood after working on my laptop for hours.
  • Container Gardening. I have a small patio that I started to decorate with beautiful little plants that brought me joy and made me feel like I was nurturing them like a mother. I love my little plants, and I feel so happy when they are growing and blossoming, like if they were my daughters!

I feel grateful for all the blessings we have received; for our clients, for FCSN, for the jobs we have. We are sad for all the people who have left us because of the pandemic, they will be in our hearts and memories forever. When I think about everyone in the FCSN family, I hope these months have brought something positive to your life, even in the middle of difficult times.

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