Meet the Members of FCSN’s ADP Client Council

By Ingrid Cheng
This article was originally published in FCSN EBADP/LIFE – A Quarterly Newsletter

The ADP Client Council is largely working to help clients express themselves and take part in shaping what they want for their program. Many of our ADP clients need help with decision making and self-advocacy. Client Council is a platform on which they can build these skills and become more self-confident. Suggesting new classes and activities, planning events, discussing issues – all of these things assist them with those skills as well as making ADP a richer, many faceted place. We have started to implement new classes and activities this year, all of them suggested and voted on by the Council and the client body, which included Disney Club, Entertainment Club and Transportation Club as well as Health class.


Raymond has always been interested in matters of History and Civics; as such, he was immediately drawn to the role of Council President. As President, he officially opens and closes each meeting with flourish as well as mediates any issues that are brought up. He’s supportive of each member’s ideas and enjoys providing information on subjects related to Council policy and other historical/civics minded topics.


As Vice President, Rachelle acts as de facto President if the actual Council President isn’t present. She’s full of energy and great at encouraging others to come up with ideas, as well as contributing suggestions of her own. She often enjoys working with the Social Committee when discussing event or party ideas. She also brings up any questions or issues she has noticed to the Council staff.


Cindy took to the role of Secretary quite naturally. She loves to read, write and organize everything neatly in binders and notebooks so she’s very good at her job. At each meeting, she reviews the minutes from the previous week and takes down the notes for the current one. She has lots of ideas of her own and is also quite encouraging of other’s suggestions. She’s there to remind the Council, including staff, if they need to follow up on a topic.


Akshaya expressed interest in becoming the Social Committee representative when she heard that she could help with planning events, including holiday parties. She has an abundance of energy and and enthusiasm, which makes her well suited for this role. She’s very approachable and super friendly, open to whatever ideas the clients can throw at her.


As one of two Council Representatives, Brian helps watch out for and count votes whenever ADP has an all client Council meeting. he remembers and comments on what we talk about and decide upon during those meetings. He also has strong opinions on what others have said or suggested as well as generating lots of ideas of his own to improve ADP. He holes to be fair-minded and treat everyone politely during meetings.


Although quite reserved and a little shy, Janice nevertheless showed an interest in becoming a Council Representative. She stands firm on her ideas for ADP, mostly on the kinds of activities and classes clients might be interested in. She’s friendly and a good listener, making her a good connection to the client body.

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