Meet the Members of FCSN’s LIFE Client Council

By Patty Chou and Monica Gonzalez
This article was originally published in FCSN EBADP/LIFE – A Quarterly Newsletter

During this term of LIFE Client Council, we have done planning for 10 parties, numerous new class ideas, and one community outreach activity during this pandemic. This team started to learn how to work with each other and stimulated each other with new ideas to work closely together. They had achieved a tacit understanding when formed an idea; each of them jumped right in and picked up their share of duties to make the idea came true. The Council members did just that when the Senior Nursing Home community outreach plan was formed. One of them did the poster to promote, one of them made the announcement to the LIFE student body, one of them has communicated with LIFE Program Coordinator asking for support, etc. The LIFE student body has sent out over 100 hand-drawn greeting cards to one of our local Senior nursing homes so those Seniors won’t feel left out during the pandemic.


Rod has played an important role as President of the Client Council. He has broke ties when voting on different ideas while also putting his own ideas for classes and activities up for discussion. Rod has advocated for more game activities during classes as well as the addition of Comic Book Club and History of Marvel characters to the schedule. Rod will also voice his opinions on classes and come up with new class topic ideas during the End of the Day wrap up discussions. He has a great, fun personality, so he brought many fun ideas to the LIFE program, as well as a fun point of view! Although it sometimes seemed like Rob wasn’t paying attention during discussions, he would always unexpectedly come up with brilliant ideas that are great contributions to our plans.


Due to her obligation to other classes, Mariah’s time in Client Council was limited. However, she continued to play an active role in voicing her ideas. As Vice President, Mariah would help to facilitate the Client Council conversations and help with voting. Mariah continues to express her ideas about class and activities to the remaining Client Council members to bring to the upcoming meetings.


Andrew took this position quite naturally, and it always seemed as if he has been doing this for a long time. He always took attendance and meeting notes carefully for each meeting. Andrew always comes to the Client Council meetings prepared to take notes. At the start of each meeting he will do a roll-call to make sure that everyone is there and he will take down the start time of the meeting. He has provided the Client Council with a variety of different ideas for Holiday parties as well as new activities he would like to see added to the weekly schedule. He has expressed a possible interest in continuing as a Client Council member during a later session. Andrew also showed great support and respect to his peers and teachers. Andrew sometimes would give great new ideas with his logical thinking and interpersonal social skills. Client Council has helped Andrew to express himself in a more organized manner.


Hassan is very active and engaged as a Council Representative. Hassan is always an expressive individual. He has contributed many ideas that stem from his own interesting preferences. He frequently voices his opinion both in class and during the Client Council meetings. Anytime he has an idea he will make sure to voice it to his peers to be voted on. Hassan has enjoyed his time in Client Council and has been an integral part in coming up with ideas for new classes and activities He has brought his ideas about the community to the LIFE program. He is always able to promote his ideas by commendably explaining the reasons and details behind them. He sits on his opinions but shows respect for others’ ideas.


Hannah has been very involved in Client Council as a Social Committee member. Hannah took her responsibilities sincerely and seriously. She frequently will send her instructor and the Program Coordinators her ideas for both Client Council as well as the program in general. She always voluntarily created activity flyers or posters whenever the council meeting came up with new ideas. She has helped to come up with new class ideas, vocational training options over Zoom, as well as planning for upcoming holiday parties. Hannah also talks to the LIFE student body frequently to obtain new ideas and inputs to the council meetings. Hannah also works tirelessly to prepare for the upcoming council meetings so she always brings in new perspectives into the council meetings. Hannah really enjoys the time that she spends in Client Council and hopes to become a Client Council member again soon. Until then she has expressed her continued interest in helping the current Client Council members by providing them with ideas during the monthly all client meeting.


Kevin has made a great impact on Client Council as a Social Committee member. As one of the Social Committee chairs, Kevin used his own approach to gather new ideas for the LIFE program. Kevin studied the community diligently and found opportunities for the LIFE student body to serve all the time. One of the more significant ideas that Kevin came up with is the Nursing home greeting card project, which we all enjoyed. Kevin is a good listener and would point out important things he would like to emphasize in a new idea. During this Client Council session Kevin expressed his Community Integration idea and came up with a project for involving our clients with senior members of our community. Kevin has expressed his continued interest in making a difference in people’s lives and seeing others smile.

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