FCSN Futures Graduate – Evan Gelesic

The FCSN Futures series celebrates the amazing journey and accomplishments of special needs individuals who are graduating this year. 

One member of Washington High School’s graduating class and a wonderful role model for the FCSN community is Evan Gelesic.

A diligent student with passions for P.E., art, and history, Evan completed his final year at the Fremont Unified School District’s Young Adult Program, or YAP, after being voted Husky Hero by his senior class. If that wasn’t indicative enough of Evan’s kind, friendly character, he says he likes to live life by a philosophy that first originated from his using hot sauce on his food: “When things get boring, you need to spice them up.”

In the future, Evan plans to add spice to his life by traveling to different zoos in different states, including the Saint Louis Zoo, Fort Worth Zoo, and San Diego Zoo, with his family. He will be continuing his journey by attending the FCSN Adult Day program, as well as returning to FCSN to attend the Special Olympics and drama camp.

Best wishes to Evan for his future endeavors!

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