FCSN Futures- Iris Hu

The FCSN Futures series celebrates the amazing journey and accomplishments of special needs individuals who are graduating this year. 

Our third graduate Iris Hu accomplished a big milestone in her life by graduating from high school. Iris was homeschooled since 8 years old, only then starting to develop oral language skills. With her parents providing the appropriate pace and materials to fit her needs, she overcame many challenges and felt happy and supported on this unusual journey.

Joining FCSN when she was four, FCSN is like another family for Iris. Throughout the years, she participated in many classes at FCSN, but out of all them cooking and art classes were her favorite. She not only got to learn cooking skills and make art, she also was able to develop socially. Being surrounded by loving friends, teachers, and volunteers who helped her flourish and develop, Iris felt comfortable and relaxed in this amazing community.

Looking ahead, Iris is preparing for her next big milestone–work. She will continue to learn, participate, and practice working skills. She has many unique characteristics which definitely will contribute to her success in her own way. But no matter what she does, we hope she enjoys life as always.

Congratulations to Iris and we look forward to hearing about what the future brings for her!

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