Business in Everyday Life

By Candace Tsay, FCSN Youth Volunteer and Class Instructor

I have been an FCSN Volunteer for about three years now, helping out with events ranging from basketball classes to Halloween parties, and online summer camps to galas. I, however, never had the opportunity to lead an event or class until this year. 

Learning about how to manage money and business basics has changed my life, and by teaching the Intro to Money Management and Business course, I hope that it will make a positive impact on any of my students. When I proposed my idea to FCSN, and they agreed to support my class, I was elated. I could not wait to be able to teach the class. 

Students learn to write checks

The most difficult part of putting this class together is keeping all the students interested, engaged and having fun. I have students with all kinds of background knowledge on business and others who signed up to learn the basics. I create Quizlet sets and set up games and interactive activities to make sure that all my students are learning and having fun. 

Instructor uses Quizlet games to reinforce vocabulary

Business is a part of everyday life, whether we notice it or not. From making everyday minor choices to big choices like when and how to open a bank account, and how to start a small business, business is everywhere and relevant. When I realized that business affects all the small decisions we make daily, I wanted to share my knowledge with other students, so I wrote an email proposing the idea for my current class. 

After meeting with many amazing Volunteers and workers at FCSN, I was able to make my dream a reality. So this is also a big thank you to every person who supported and believed in me to teach this class. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I hope that every person that takes my class will be able to take something useful away and have it benefit their life.

For their final project, students are given a budget of $200 and they research and make a presentation on what they can buy with that budget.

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