At the Lake With Good Friends

by Tatiana Gudjohnsen, FCSN Client
This article was originally published in East Bay ADP/LIFE Newsletter 2021 July/December issue

In June 4th, I went to Quarry lakes with some friends. Their names are Nicolas Sigh (Big Brother) and Brandon Lei, my Staff Meliva was there as well. Nicolas is one of my coworkers at Safeway and Brandon is his best friend. We walked around Quarry Lakes, we listened to music and we took lots of pictures. We sat on the grassy area and I took a 15 min break while Nicolas was laying on the Grassy arena next to me. Nicolas considers me as his Little sister. 

We stayed at the lake for several hours. 

The weather was warm and nice. It was also a little windy. 

Nicolas was holding my heavy backpack on the way to the car, letting me hold his arm walking back to the car. it was getting hard for me to see because the sun was going down. 

When we were driving back to FCSN, I need help to get out of the car because my legs were asleep. Nicolas help me out and almost took my black backpack home. That was funny. 

Before Nicolas and Brandon went home, Nicolas gave me a hug and Brandon did too, then we called it a night.

Tatiana, Nicolas, and Brandon hanging out

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