Eva Loves Puzzles

by Eva and Family

(Top Image: Eva completed the 1000-piece puzzle of candy wrappers)

Eva loves doing jigsaw puzzles. She receives them as gifts and she purchases them too for entertainment. Nowadays, she usually works on the 1000-piece puzzles, but she likes the ones with fewer pieces also as the pieces are bigger. She has good patience and doesn’t need to refer to the picture while working on the puzzle. Hence, you sometimes see the puzzle upside down or sideways.

This is the 1000-piece puzzle of candy wrappers that she received as a gift. She doesn’t mind the complexity as long as she likes the picture. It took her about 2 weeks to complete, working 2-3 hours a day. Eva always wants to have a photo of her completed puzzle sent to her teacher at FCSN for show-n-tell. She is proud of her accomplishments.

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