Car Racing

By Hassan Ismail, FCSN Client
This article was originally published in East Bay ADP/LIFE Newsletter 2021 July/December issue

Auto racing is my all time favorite sport because of all the action and fast cars on the track. It is dangerous because you are going at high speeds, over 200 miles per hour! And the latest race was on Sunday, May 17th. I watched on the news the highlights and it was fun and exciting watching it on TV about the first place winner. NASCAR its a big franchise because it has video games, toys, clothes and caps and everyone goes hog wild when their team wins the race. The race is loud so everyone has to have earplugs because of the noise and the pit crew has to be fast because they don’t want the driver to be behind the other drivers in the race.

Hassan with one of his favorite cars

So if you are a big fan of cars then you will enjoy watching all the car movies like Fast and Furious, Need for speed, playing “Need for Speed Underground” with your friends and family, working on cars. Going to the auto shows and taking pictures of the cool cars . The best part is that sports are back on TV, YAY!! It has 7 races and its always on Sundays but can’t go to the tracks because of the Covid19 so everyone has to stay at home and watch it at home, also you can watch it on Netflix or Xfinty in the apartment or at home.

So what is your favorite car that you like on NASCAR? your favorite driver? Hopefully everyone can go back to motor speed way and watch it in person but the tickets are not cheap and It takes a long time to watch the performances.

Hassan’s favorite red car

There are more auto racing movies like: Talladega Nights, Days Off Thunder with Tom Curse also, in Top Gun. Also there’s toys cars and some Legos that have cars to build and model cars to collect; poster music videos and soundtracks, TV Shows like motor Tred on Volicati, Top Gear British car show, Outlaws on National Geographic, MTV cars too. There are other fun shows such as: West Coast Costumes’ and Pimp My Ride with XBIT the hip hop rapper.

My roommate likes the same thing as I do, so we can talk about cars all day after Day Program. Hot Wheels, Match Box, and some are in two pack in one or four in one yeah! exciting! So what is your all time car that you love the best. My favorite is the Mini Copper S from the Italian Job Movie and Nissan GTR sports car.

I hope that you all enjoy my long newsletter for FCSN ADP/LIFE. Don’t drive too fast on the road or you will get pulled over by the cops! Or don’t be doing Street racing, your are not a racecar driver. You will get hurt and endanger others and your car will be taken away and parents will be mad and will also take your ride away and you will be in jail for along time. So don’t do it! ok?!

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