2021 Gala: Together We Can Expand Our Dream

Come join us to celebrate FCSN 25th year anniversary. Due to the pandemic and the safety of everyone, FCSN decided to host this Gala virtually on Nov 6th from 4pm to 6pm. 

This year’s Gala has three main themes:

1) FCSN 25th anniversary

2) Pandemic Challenges and Center Reopening

3) Acquisition of Osgood New Center

In this Gala, we’ll share lots of our past memories with photos and events’ activities clips; and also highlight many major donors who continuously help us to achieve our goals every single year. Several of our honorable volunteers has written a special song for our 25th year anniversary. Our FCSN dream achiever will sing this song, so feel free to sing along with them. In addition, we’ll have several poll questions related to the contents shown throughout the event. So please pay attention while watching the event and you may win a prize by providing a correct answer to any one of the poll questions. There are 4 door prizes to be drawn throughout the event with the “iPhone 13” as the top prize.

FCSN’s 1st phase re-opening on August was very successful. 25% of our clients return to in-person class for 2 days per week and continue with virtual learning during the rest of the week. This hybrid schedule works really well and now we’re fully reopened on Oct 1st for all our clients. Thank you to all our staff’s on-going efforts in keeping our clients healthy and safe. Our goal is to maintain a virus-free working environments for everyone.  

FCSN has been looking for a bigger building to serve more special needs clients, host more special needs classes and other activities. After several years of searching, we were finally able to locate a building on Osgood Road which is within walking distance to the future “Irvington BART Station” with estimated opening in 2023. With this new building, FCSN can serve more clients with our programs. We also will use this building as FCSN headquarters. However, we’ll need to renovate the building to meet our needs and the latest CA building code.  The renovation cost is  estimated at $1.5 to $2M dollars; therefore, we’re asking for everyone’s help to reach our fundraising goal of $350k this year. 

Looking forward to seeing everyone on our 25th anniversary Gala. 

Jason Hwan and Peter Chan

Gala Co-Chairs

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