Swimming: One of My Favorite Hobbies

By Cindy Chua, FCSN Client
This article was originally published in East Bay ADP/LIFE Newsletter 2021 July/December issue

I have many hobbies, I like reading, swimming, play ping pong, also watching sports games like football, basketball and tennis on TV.

My favorite hobby is swimming, I took swimming lessons when I was young, I learned all the strokes like freestyle, breaststroke, back stroke and butterfly. My favorite is the butterfly stroke. I also took Life saving class Red Cross when I was in high school.

Cindy’s incredible array of medals

I love water, my teacher called me a fish. I do not swim very fast but I can swim for a long time. When I was fifteen years old, I was selected to join the international special Olympics in South Bend, Indiana. And I won some medals.

Before the pandemic, after my classes at FCSN, I continued to take swimming lessons during the summer, I went lap swimming once a week. Since the Shelter in Place due to Covid 19, I have not been swimming, I miss it very much.

I’m looking forward to go swimming again soon.

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