A New and Fulfilling Adventure at FCSN

Written by: Kevin Chou, FCSN South Bay W.I.L.L. Client

The program I attended before only offered online classes which I didn’t really enjoy and most of the time I felt uncomfortable participating in. Joining FCSN’s Work, Integrate, Learn, Live (W.I.L.L.) Program totally changed my life. I am especially grateful for FCSN’s in-person program. Not only does this program offer many different classes and activities, but it also gives me the opportunity to make my own choices regarding the classes to join. The instructors are very friendly and I am glad that I have met so many new friends at FCSN.

At FCSN’s W.I.L.L. program, I like to attend the Zumba, Yoga, and Baking classes, and participate in vocational training. In Zumba, I love the music. The beat and melody are so powerful, which makes me want to dance more. I enjoy the Yoga class because the music and movements make me feel relaxed. Since becoming a baker is one of my dreams, I am glad that FCSN provides a baking class that I can take to learn and practice my skills. I have been learning how to wash and dry fruit to bake pastries with, how to measure ingredients, how to mix ingredients using the tools, how to whisk eggs, how to properly pour the ingredients into the mold, and how to safely use the oven. Every time I attend the program, I practice vocational training, such as wiping tables, mopping the floor, cleaning and sanitizing the restroom, and washing dishes. I am so happy that I can learn and practice these skills, which I can also use in my daily life. Since hiking is one of my favorite activities, I especially enjoy the post lunch walk through the parking lot. In addition to being a good form of exercise, this walk allows me time to socialize with my peers.

I am so glad that my parents and I made the right choice to join FCSN’s big family. I will continue my learning here and work towards fulfilling my dream to become a baker.

Kevin Chou

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