The Acquisition of Osgood Property

For the last ten years or so, periodically, FCSN board would look for properties to expand our facility in East Bay. In the early years, we were interested in properties that were close to our Fremont Center (now Chenming & Margaret Hu Center). The idea was to find a 2000-3000sf office space that is physically close to the existing center. However, after multiple attempts, we were not able to find a place that was cost effective. 

Two years ago, after discussing with CK and his management team, the board made the decision to look for a much larger property of 10,000-15,000 sf and not be limited to the vicinity of the existing center. The idea was to find a large enough space to make it our future headquarters and to satisfy our needs for the next decade. 

With that in mind, FCSN board formed a search committee two years ago, consisting of board members Albert Wang, Anna Wang, Sylvia Yeh, Lilian Lin, CK Lee, Yee-Yeen Wang, Linmei Chiao, and Jim Chiao, and past board member Stanley Woo. We visited at least half a dozen properties without success; and eventually, my daughter, Tracy Chiao, a commercial real estate agent, drew our attention to an 18,000sf building on Osgood Road in Fremont. After a detailed study and a long negotiation, we finally acquired the property last summer.

The building consists of a 6000sf 1-story building and an adjacent 12000sf 2-story building. One of the main advantages of the 2-story building is the fact that the first floor of the 2-story building was once used as an educational facility which exactly matches our need. The 2nd floor also matches our intended use as office space. 

The property is located at 42080 Osgood Rd. in the Cameron Hills neighborhood of Fremont and close to downtown Irvington. It is within walking distance to the future BART station near Washington Rd. In city’s plan, as shown in the photo below, there will be parking spaces on both sides of Osgood Rd., connected with a signalized intersection. Construction for this project could start as early as mid-2024 with the station opening in 2031. 

Also included in the city’s plan for the parks is the Sabercat Trail Expansion Project. As shown in the following plan: There will be two new trails built to connect the neighborhood with the Sabercat Historical Park: One from the Washington BART station(light pink) and other one from Blacow Rd.(light yellow). FCSN Osgood Center is located just north to the Sabercat Creek(light blue). Once completed, our client will have easy access to a trail and a historical park, all within walking distance.


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Location is certainly a key point in acquiring a property. The Osgood property is conveniently located between our two existing centers and suits our purpose and use. With the future expansion of Washington BART and Sabercat Trail, we expect this location will become more attractive in the future.

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