Osgood Renovation Project: The Design Phase

By Jim Chiao, FCSN Co-Chair and Project Lead

With the acquisition of the Osgood property in May 2021, the job of the site search committee was accomplished, and the Osgood Project was ready to enter a new phase: the design phase. 

With that in mind, last summer, FCSN board formed a design team, consisting of board members Albert Wang, Anna Wang, Sylvia Yeh, Lilian Lin, CK Lee, and Jim Chiao, past board member/volunteer Stanley Woo, and volunteer Jeff Woo. Our first task was to identify an architect firm for the project. After careful considerations, we chose to work with T Square Consulting Group which we had the opportunities to work with in both of our previous projects: the Dream Project (phase 2) and South Bay Center project.

There are two existing buildings on the Osgood property: a 6000 sf 1-story commercial warehouse structure on the north side, and a 12,000 sf 2-story office/classroom structure on the south side. Our goal was to renovate both buildings to meet our own requirements. After many months of work with the architects, the design layout of the first floor of the 2-story building is shown as in figure 2, it will be used exclusively for the following two programs: Adult Day Program (ADP in blue) and After School Program (ASP in yellow). 


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Figure 2 Internal layout of the first floor of the 2-story building

The design layout of the second floor of the 2-story building is shown below in figure 3, it will be used mainly as offices(grey), and facility for our adult job training programs(yellow).

Diagram, engineering drawing

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Figure 3 Internal layout of the second floor of the 2-story building

The 1-story building to the north was a commercial warehouse, once used as a dance studio and a karate studio. We plan to convert it to a multi-purpose community center, as shown in figure 4 below, that includes the following functions:

  1. Classrooms 
  2. An art room and a workshop
  3. Commercial kitchen to provide teaching, learning, and cooking facilities
  4. Multiple purpose room for exercise and weekend gatherings

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Figure 4 Internal layout of the 1-story building

We have completed the initial design, and are in the process of applying for building permit in the Fremont Planning department. At the same time, we are also evaluating some other design options in the 2-story building for potential cost reduction. We hope to complete the design phase before the end of Q4, 2022. Construction will start after the final permit is issued, hopefully in Q1, 2023.

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