FCSN’s New Chapter

By Sylvia Yeh, Executive Director

FCSN’s vision is to build a supportive village that enriches the lives of individuals, help them gain independence, reach full potential, find happiness and bring peace of mind to their families. However, there are more than 300 individuals on the waiting lists of FCSN vendorized programs as FCSN has reached the full capacity of our current two centers. In response to the fact that FCSN was overcrowded in its facilities and capacity limited, FCSN acquired a 3 rd Center in Fremont in 2021 to expand our dream. Led by a strong board of directors and dedicated management teams, FCSN plans to develop new programs and support services to serve individuals with high needs, on Self-Determination Program and those on our waitlists.

NEW DEVELOPMENT PLAN at the new center includes:
– Expand After School Program– FCSN will pursue expansion of vendorized After-School Program with Regional Center of East Bay and the license from the Community Care Licensing Children Division. Once the center is ready, we will move the current childcare program to the new site and serve more children.
– Expand Supported Employment Program to assist individuals to secure competitive, integrated employments.
– Expand Adaptive Skills Training Program for individuals with high needs (behavioral or
medical challenges)
– Expand Enrichment Programs to serve individuals with Self-Determination funding
– Establish Adaptive Supported Living Service for individuals with high needs.
– Develop a new Adult Day Program– FCSN will pursue a brand new vendorized Adult Day Program with Regional Center of East Bay and the license from the Community Care Licensing Adult Division.
Outreach and Empower families to promote equity and access essential resources and services for their loved ones
– Serve as a Community Center to raise ability awareness, promote integration, and build a
positive relationship between general and special needs communities.

FCSN currently has 137 employees (FT and PT) serving 500 children and adults with special needs on a daily basis. We anticipate having 200 employees serving 650 individuals with special needs by 2027.

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