Serving the Seniors at Fremont Age Well Center

Written by: Carroll Tee, TDS Client

Graphics by: Olivia Koo, FCSN Voices Graphic Artist

We go to the City of Fremont Age Well Center to volunteer every Wednesday. Ms. Cathy drives us there so we can work. When we get there, the first thing we do is to wash our hands by using hand soap, dry our hands with a towel, and then we put gloves on.  Once we are done with basic hygiene, we start to work! We would pick a table to work on, then move to another one. However, we also help each other when needed. 

First, I place the table cloth on the table. Next, I put purple placement as a centerpiece, followed by 5 or 6 pieces of other placement on the table for each seat. After that, I put napkins on the right side, on top of the placement. Then, I put a spoon, knife and fork in the correct order. I also need to put a coffee mug on the top left corner for each seat. In the center, I need to add salt, pepper, sugar and cream. Last but not least, I placed a pot of plant as a decoration for the centerpiece. If we are done with our table, we would help others by delivering salt, pepper, sugar or other items. 

I think the volunteering experience is fun, because I never get to do these things at home. It is also challenging because I need to stay focused, and sometimes I get distracted by people coming and going. It is also challenging for me to remember how many spoons, knives, and where to put them. My job coach helps me remember my tasks by going through my task list before we start working. Sometimes when I make mistakes, Ms. Cathy would remind me to review my job list. However, it was very exciting for me to meet people who work there, especially the workers in the kitchen. They are all very friendly and patient. I especially enjoy talking with the chef, David. He keeps me company, and he is very funny and energetic, just like me!  What I like about the volunteer work the most is to serve the seniors there. Seeing them sitting at the tables I set up and using the utensils and napkins for the meals brings me a lot of joy. I want to continue volunteering before I start looking for a paid job.

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