Apply to Join FCSN Voices 23-24 Youth Team!

Are you interested in sharing stories on issues important to the special needs community?  

FCSN Voices, FCSN’s official online newsletter, is recruiting talented youth volunteers to join our cause for the 2023-24 year. Our mission is to be a voice for the special needs community, tell their stories, advocate for their needs, and help the larger community understand them better. In the past year, our team has published more than 80 articles, providing the community with information about FCSN events and programs, personal accounts of volunteer initiatives, and inspirational stories about special needs individuals. With our platform quickly expanding, our articles have garnered more than 44,000 views and nearly 14,000 unique visitors since our founding in late 2020.

As a Youth Reporter, you will gain valuable experience in conducting interviews and obtain opportunities in improving your writing and communication skills and attending exclusive FCSN events, programs, and community events, such as FCSN’s annual talent showcase. You will receive service hours for all your contributions to FCSN Voices. Youth Reporters also have the opportunity to apply for Team Lead and Editor positions and win awards for outstanding contributions. 

In addition to writers, we are looking for Graphic Artists to design creative feature banners and graphics for FCSN Voices’ campaigns, articles, newsletters, and more. There’s also opportunities for Graphic Artists to create doodles for the website logo. 

No previous journalism/graphic design experience is necessary to apply for our team. The application to join FCSN Voices will close on Sunday, April 30 at 11:59 PM. You can find the application at

Please email with questions regarding the application.

Best regards, 

FCSN Voices Team

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