Adapted to the New Norm

Hua & Lucy Gao, SBWILL Parents

With the shelter-in-place in March, our son Bob became very confused initially. Many thanks to the virtual classes designed by FCSN W.I.L.L. Program in South Bay, he has been glued on them every day, in the morning and afternoon, five hours each day. When he sees those familiar faces on Zoom, he is so happy. We are so impressed that he has adapted to the virtual classes so quickly. He likes Body Percussion, Cooking class, and all other classes. Besides WILL program, FCSN also offers private lessons with volunteers, and those are also excellent. FCSN’s virtual training has become his daily routine now, and he really has learned a lot from them. On the weekend, he keeps saying: “We will have virtual classes on Monday.” FCSN WILL staff and management team have done a lot of work to organize these classes! Many thanks to you all for the hard work!

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